I feel like these are gonna be Blue Ivy’s main expressions when she gets older. She is gonna be so shady and I am here for it.

Title: See Me Now [feat. Beyonce, Charlie Wilson, & Big Sean]
Artist: Kanye West
Played: 3423 times


I love how it’s “Beyoncé and Jay Z” and not “Jay Z and Beyoncé”




"I just kinda do what I feel... I never knew what lane I would fill. I didn't really template that far down the road. I just started having fun. Once I put that into perspective it was like everything just got easier for me, because I no longer wanted to fit in anybodys box... I JUST WANTED TO BE NICKI." 

"I’m just a woman and I love being a woman.”


Beyoncé and Jay Z were spotted in California yesterday

You ain’t meet a bitch with this kinda money yet. x